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Seedlings are sold in Kitil Farm. We have over 5 million bamboo seedlings, 30-60 cm tall. A seedling is planted in a tube measuring 6 by 9 inches

Kitil Farm holds training on the various subjects on bamboo as an alternative form of investment.

We hold a brief familiarization training. This lasts for about 1-2 hrs and its free, Intensive workshop for targets groups like KWS, KFS, Investiment groups, CBOs, NGOs like the Greenbelt movement etc. We also conduct specialized training on specific areas like preservation of bamboo poles, making bamboo charcoal and activated carbon, toothpicks, matchstics, laminated bamboo timber etc.

Participants train on the properties of bamboo, species, planting, termites control during planting, mulching, pruning, clump management among others. Each participant mostly, gets hands-on experience on the various areas in order to enable them pass on the training to others.

We also discuss the Raw uses of bamboo including fencing poles, construction, as wood, fodder, food, and the Processed uses of bamboo e.g. mats, baskets, toothpicks, flooring, boards, charcoal, biochar etc.