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At Kitil Farm, we have a wide selection of various bamboo species of high economic importance. These species include the following: O. Abyssinica (a solid stemmed bamboo), Dendrocalamus membranaceus cv. grandis (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus membranaceus (a giant clumping bamboo), Bambusa longinternode, Phyllostachys pubescens(moso), Dendrocalamus maximuslamina (a giant clumping bamboo and giant leaf), Dendrocalamus giganteus (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus asper (a giant clumping bamboo), Dendrocalamus barbartus (a giant clumping bamboo). These bamboo species and others, are among the 38 priority bamboos of economic importance recommended by INBAR and UNEP, and have been tested and grown by KEFRI, and approved for plantation in Kenya. Other ornamental bamboo species planted in KPN6 are the following: Fargesia Gaolinensis, Fargesia Fungosa and Fargesia yunnanensis.

Seedlings are sold in the farm. We have over 2 million bamboo seedlings, 30-60 cm tall. Each seedling is planted in a nylon tube measuring 6 by 9 inches and packed in cartons for easy delivery.

We also grow and sell older seedlings planted in a large plastic bucket referred to as KPN6. This type of seedling has a much more developed rhizome and the young stems measure up to 6 feet tall. We have seen many landscapers, and middle size plantation owners going for KPN6.

In all instances we ensure that seedlings sold to clients have a fully developed root ball. This approach has busted the theory that bamboo has the first year as a sleeping phase. Our seedlings are robust and ready to impress you with 6inches growth rate per day.