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One does not have to plough all land to plant bamboo, not unless you intend to intercrop bamboo clumps with other crops that require the land to be ploughed e.g. maize or beans.

Develop a planting plan and dig wholes with a spacing of 5m by 5m square. Bamboo clubs for meant for the production of edible shoots, animal, chicken fodder planting can planted on a closer spacing of 2.5m to 3m. Equally, bamboo clubs being planted on wetlands or soggy land could be done on a closser spacing.

The growth of bamboo plants can be hampered by weeds and other competing vegetation. It is important to control and arrest the growth of weeds around each bamboo clump. Failure to do so will invariably result in poor root and stem development in the young bamboos. An area within a radius of 24" (60cm) around each plant should be cleared of all weeds and competing vegetation then apply mulching.