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Planting Bamboo in the ground

Planting bamboo in the ground is a fairly simple task. Clear all bushes, grasses and other unwanted vegetation. Dig planting holes following your plantation layout and design. Holes should be 24" (60cm) wide, 24" (60cm) deep.

Put one foot of the top soil to the right hand side, then the second foot of soil to the left hand side. Return into the hole, the one foot of the top soil. To ensure a soft landing for the root ball, Place the bamboo seedling in the center of the hole and fill in with second foot of soil. Then fill soil and mix with compost or drainage material depending on the soil type. Add more manure or phosphoric fertilizer in the ratio of 1:6 (manure : soil). Use enough of water to plant each seedling, Water your seedling regularly to ensure a full development of the rhizome.