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G0-Bamboo is a platform for disseminating bamboo information to interested clients through subscription.

This service makes available useful bamboo information either by daily tips or by navigating through the subject heading. It is supported by the main network communication carrier Safaricom on an SDP platform. Clients send the wordMALI to the code20452 to access the following:
  1. Subscribe to 2 tips daily
  2. Subscribe to 1 tip daily
  3. About Bamboo
  4. Where will bamboo grow?
  5. Bamboo Cultivation Requirements
  6. Harvesting and Preserving Bamboo
  7. Uses and benefits of Bamboo
    1. Bamboo is Food
    2. Bamboo is Medicine
    3. Bamboo makes best Charcoal
    4. Bamboo makes Soil Fertile
    5. Bamboo uses by Commercial Sector
    6. Bamboo and Environment
    7. Bamboo and MDGs
  8. About Kitil Farm

The content of Bamboo Mobile Information Service (Go-Bamboo) has taken over one year to develop. It has been an expensive initiative which has involved various heavy weight giants in the area of renewable energy, environmentalists, experienced large bamboo plantation owners and bamboo scholars.

Bamboo Mobile Information Service (Go-Bamboo) has been rolled out inter alia in English. Translation is underway to have the Swahili version out by third quarter of the year. Bamboo Mobile Information Service (Go-Bamboo) will also be available in other local languages of the countries that Kitil Farm shall issues license to specific companies to implement.

Another important development underway is to have Bamboo Mobile Information Service (Go-Bamboo) available in the form of a ring tone for mobile users and as waiting ring tone for corporate, for use in their PABX. The waiting ring tone will be rolled out inter alia in Englist, French and other international languages.

Bamboo Mobile Information Service (Go-Bamboo) is a product of Kitil Farm and it is fully owned by Kitil Farm.

We wish to thank everybody who has been involved in this initiative for his or her critique, review, feedback and useful contribution towards the development of Bamboo Mobile Information Service (Go-Bamboo).