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How often should I harvest my culms?

Bamboo stems mature in 3 yrs and survive for 8 years. They are over-mature and unsuitable for harvesting from 6 yrs onwards. Bamboo harvesting is done sometimes throughout the year or twice when sap content is low depending on the ecological conditions. Lack of harvesting bamboo will congest the clump, resulting to deterioration of both quality and quantity of bamboo stems.

Which methods of harvesting are recommended for bamboo?

Selection of individual bamboo culms from is the most natural procedure for maintaining a clump in a condition of sustained yield. Clear felling as a methodology of harvesting bamboo is unsuitable. Remove only mature culms that are 3 to 4 years old.

How long can I harvest bamboo my clump?

The stems of bamboo mature at an early age of 3 to 4 years. Clump longevity of most bamboo is estimated at 40 years.

How do I protect harvested bamboo stems?

To extend the life of harvested bamboo stems is done through preservation treatments eg non-chemical and chemical methods.

How many people can harvest a bamboo culm?

Bamboo harvesting is labor intensive, often takes 3 individuals to safely remove a single culm without damaging surrounding culms.