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Where will bamboo grow?

Bamboo is highly versatile and can grow in all sorts of climate zones and soil types where other crops fail.

Bamboo grows in soil with 6.5 pH - 8 ph, sandy loam to clay loam, sandy soils, and tolerates very poor soils.

Most bamboo grow best preferably in full sun and in on all types of soils from various types of parent rock.

Almost all bamboo is useful in restoration of land that for this reason, bamboo grow in poor soil with normal moisture-retentive to moist with good drainage.

Most bamboo is adapted to long dry seasons and uncertain rainfall patterns. Soil fertility is not a major influence.

Bamboo is a multipurpose perennial crop that grows well even on poor and shallow soils and in harsh environments.

Bamboo generally, has the ability to adapt to low rainfall and highly efficient in water uptake.