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Specific benefits of bamboo farming facts and figures

Shoots of most bamboo are edible. A shoot sell for Ksh 120. A clump can yield up to 100 a yearr depending on the ecological area. Sap from the shoot tips of some bamboo like Oxytenanthera abyssinica is used for brewing alcoholic drinks ("ulanzi", 5-5.5% alcohol) similar in taste to beer.

Are bamboo shoots healthy food source?

Bamboo shoots have been a staple food source for thousands of years, in Asian culture. They are low in fat and calories. Bamboo shoots are an excellent source of fiber and potassium, providing 10% of daily need. Ideal for soups, salads and vegetable. Bamboo is a plant with nutritional value and its young bamboo shoots can be cooked and eaten as vegetable.

Is bamboo used as vegatable, animal fodder and chicken feed?

Bamboo foliage (leaf and twigs) is similar in feeding value to hay with a DM digestibility of 30-36%. Bamboo foliage can be used as chicken feed and animal fodder even during the dry spells. Bamboo yield on average 11.7 tones Dry Matter (DM)/ha of leaf biomass, while the natural pasture biomass yield of 1-3 tones DM/ha.