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Bamboo uses by commercial sector (Overview)

  1. Industrial products
  2. Chemical Industry
  3. Bio-energy
  4. Textile Industry
  5. Pulp & paper Industry
  6. Food & Beverage Industries
  7. Medicine
  8. Agricultural & horticultural industries
  9. Agro-forestry
  10. Ecological uses
  11. Ornamental uses
  12. Domestic use
  13. Wood/Craft/Novelty Industries

Bamboo uses by commercial sector (Detailed)

Bamboo uses in Food and Beverage Industries

Bamboo Beer ("ulanzi", 5 - 5.5% alcohol) similar in taste to beer
Bamboo Vinegar
Bamboo Wine
Edible bamboo shoots

Bamboo uses in Pulp & paper Industry

Bond paper
Cement sacks
Pulp for paper industries

Bamboo uses in Textile Industry

Clothes: t-shirts, socks, knitted fabrics
Composite suiting Material
Towels and sanitary wares

Bamboo uses in Bio-energy

Biomass Gasification
Charcoal Briquettes
Industrial wood for tea factories, cooking oil making factories
Pyrolysis applications
Wood for fish smoking and thermal applications

Bamboo uses in Chemical Industry


Bamboo uses in Industrial products

Bamboo floor parque and tiles
Bicycles, household items, computer keyboards, mouse, radios
Blinds and curtains
Canoe poles, arrow and spear shafts
Crates and Fish-traps
Door & window frames
Flooring parquet
Panels for walls and ceilings
Particle board
Particle board and pulpwood pipes
Scaffolding material
Tooth picks, match-sticks, incense-sticks

Bamboo uses as Medicine

Rhizomes used in treating dysentery,
Leaves in treating diabetes, colic and rheumatism
Roots in treating skin diseases
Leaf decoction in treating polyuria, oedema and albuminuria

Bamboo uses in Agricultural and horticultural industries

Horticultural or garden stakes
Leaves as fodder for livestock and chicken
Windbreaks for greenhouses

Bamboo uses in Agro-forestry

Carbon credit for major investors etc.
Industrial plantations
Mixed stands
Natural stands

Bamboo uses in Ecological uses

Cultivation of marginal
Rehabilitation of degraded sites
Screens to prevent noise and intrusion
Soil erosion control along riverbanks, roadsides, hillsides, verges
Soil stabilization

Bamboo uses in Ornamental uses

Foliage plant
Garden hedges and Screens
Landscaping necklaces
Ornamental plants

Bamboo uses in Domestic use

Fish traps
Household wares
Housing materials
Mats and basketry
Musical instruments
Poles for building and fencing
Woven crafts
Furniture: tables, chairs, floor mats, baskets, brooms, necklaces, sugar dishes, smoking pipes and even wine cups
Plants for hedges and fences
Windbreaks for homesteads

Bamboo uses in Wood/Craft/Novelty Industries

Bamboo veneer
Blinders (painted/decorated)
Branded key holders
Commercial building poles
Corrugated Mat boards
Flat mat
Laminated lumber
Medium Density Fiberboard
Office pen, candle holders, etc
Oriented strand Board
Picture frames
School desks, rulers, pencils, student examination boards