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Specific benefits of bamboo farming facts and figures
  1. Solid bamboo can yield 10-33 tons of dry stems per hector per year. 750 clumps yield 30,000 stems per hectare per year.
  2. A clump of solid bamboo can yield up to 200 poles, 9mtrs long, 10cm in diameter. A fencing pole of 4.5mtrs can sell for Ksh 200.
  3. A hector will contain up to 312 clumps. Each clump can yield Ksh 80,000 per year depending on the ecological zone.
  4. Solid bamboo give high quality raw material for building, manufacture of wooden products like tiles and, perquets, toothpicks.
  5. Solid bamboo gives high quality raw material for matchsticks, incense-sticks, scaffolding sleepers, flower/horticultural stands,
  6. Solid bamboo gives high quality raw material for industrial wood, energy in tea factories, thermal energy and electrical energy.
  7. Solid bamboo gives high quality raw material for particleboards, fiber board, strand boards and for pulp and paper manufacturing.
  8. A processing plant of bamboo fiber board can produce a panel board of 4.8cm x 5m and up to 300 panel boards per day.
  9. A bamboo fiber board will sell at Ksh 1071, a daily sale of Ksh 313,650. The cost of producing a panel is Ksh 428.
What are the commercial uses of bamboo?

Solid bamboo has a high yield & straight culms, raw material for building, world's top quality timber with its high fibre yield. Solid bamboo is known for making household and commercial products like matchticks, toothpicks, fencing poles and pulp.